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Nuclear Fusion Global Assets as of 2021

158 Billion USD

Net Fusion x10 in

3 Years

Global Renewable Energy Market Size

850 Billion USD

nuclear fusion set to be the world’s dominant power source by 2100

Pulsar Fusion has continually built up its research base, culminating in successful high-speed plasma propulsion trials in 2020 & 2021

With the UK’s first Hall-effect thruster (“HET”) prototype successfully tested, Pulsar Fusion is now in a position now commercialise this technology.

  • Xenon and Krypton ORBITAL SATELLITE ENGINE prototypes successfully tested in October 2020
  • Achieved exhaust velocities of 27km per second
  • Currently undergoing trials of the Pulsar HIGH ENERGY LAUNCH THRUSTER.

With fusion’s inflection point approaching, Pulsar has a head start and a different mindset to academic-driven ventures.

Additionally, Pulsar is Investing in an extensive portfolio of Fusion IP applications across a range of industries:

  • High Temperature Superconductors
  • Advanced Plasma Control and Confinement Analysis
  • Divertor Target Plates and Plasma Facing Components
  • Robotics in Challenging Environments