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Fusion is the future of space


Pulsar is a clean space propulsion systems and services company delivering intelligent propulsion now and creating the future through fusion applications.


To leave our planetary neighbourhood and to live on other worlds, a propulsion and power source that delivers at scale is needed: fusion is the best choice.


We are creating an ecosystem of propulsion systems and services that addresses current market demand and enables the deployment of fusion systems in the near future.

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Fast Tracking Science Into Commercial Application

A team of 8 standing in front of a Pulsar rocket
A women engineer wearing a Pulsar jacket sat on the floor adjusting product

Seasoned team. Blend of science, engineering and company builders.

Bringing together Rocket engineers, scientists, nuclear and plasma physicists, financial advisors, Space advisors and sales and marketing professionals.

Meet the team

Richard dinan team photo

Richard Dinan

  • Author of the book; ‘The Fusion Age – Modern Nuclear Reactors’
  • Twelve years in Nuclear Fusion reactor research and manufacture.
  • Designed six prototype nuclear fusion engines.
  • Frequent guest lecturer at Oxford and Imperial and other leading Universities.
  • Named Inventor on eleven Internationally approved patents.
Dr James Lambert

Dr James Lambert

  • Founder of Inspired Minds: Educational robotics
  • Guest lecturer(Bristol University)
  • Frequently published
  • International educational consultant and startup advisor
  • Bristol University, M.Sc and PhD Physics & Philosophy
Dr Adam Baker

Dr Adam Baker

  • 25 years space aerospace industry veteran
  • R&D for ESA & UKSA customers (Smallsat, launch vehicles)
  • Visiting Fellow. Cranfield. Astronautics & Space Eng
  • Sr. Lecturer Space Eng. & Dir of RocketLab, Kingston Uni.
  • Virgin Galactic, GM, Satellite Launch.
  • Los Alamos National Laboratory
Lolan Naicker

Lolan Naicker

  • 16 yr aerospace. Lifecycle experience R&D to customer delivery
  • ESA Mars Robotic Exploration Programme (TRL 0-4)
  • Modelling expert (high temp. accident scenario)
  • Materials science: high-temp. cofired ceramic materials
  • Msc Cranfield Astronautics & Space Engineering
Zaheer Ali

Zaheer Ali

  • ThinkOrbital & New Space Finance
  • Prof. Space & Tech. Leadership
  • CEO Material Mind, CSO, AIXIA
  • NASA and NSTec
  • Lawrence Livermore Nat Lab
  • Physics, Berkeley Thunderbird MBA
Michael Williams

Michael Williams

  • Merchant banker-Marine Midland/HSBC USA
  • International financier-lending & investment
  • Seed stage investor-Hong Kong & China
  • Adviser- to large S. E Asian industrials
  • Mfg tech developer- systems & strategy
  • PPE(class 1).MA Law.Oxford Rhodes scholar
Edward d collins

Edward D. Collins

  • COO, Arlington Capital
  • CEO, Earth Capital. Member of global IC
  • MD, Hanson Asset Mgt.
  • PM, New Star Asset Mgt
  • MA Durham
Professor Charlie Ryan

Professor Charlie Ryan

  • Lecturer in Astronautics, Specialising in propulsion systems for spacecraft at the University of Southampton.
  • Research Fellow at the Surrey Space Centre, working on the development of the Halo thruster and the Quad Confinement thruster.
  • Post Doctoral Research Assistant, School of Engineering and Materials Science.
  • Working on the MicroThrust Project, working towards a high performance MEMS electrospray thruster for spacecraft.
Mark Baker

Mark Baker

  • 10 year Renewable Energy Sales & Business Development
  • UK Business Development Manager at GE Renewable Energy
  • 15 year aerospace sales, technical support & product management
  • B.Sc Engineering Degree in Electrical, Mechanical Design & Instrumentation
  • Undergraduate Engineering Apprentice at Rolls Royce Aero.

Benjamin Kanda

  • Cranfield MSc Astronautics and Space Engineering graduate
  • Designed and built the UK’s first student-developed liquid rocket engine
  • Published
  • Experienced in rocket engine test-site engineering

Vlad-George Tirila

  • Post Doctoral Research Assistant in Nuclear Electric Propulsion. High power Hall thruster design, alternative propellant storage and delivery system design, reactor-thruster-propellant system integration. (Southampton, Cambridge, Sheffield, Pulsar Fusion, UKSA)
  • Doctoral studies in Hall thrusters and alternative propellants. Low power Hall thruster design and testing, alternative propellant integration and demonstration. (University of Southampton, OHB Sweden)
  • Master studies in Hall-like thruster. Design and manufacturing of a low power Quad Confinement Thruster. (Imperial College London)

Thomas Munro O-Brien

  • PhD student in the department of Astronautics at the University of Southampton.
  • Specialising in novel alternative propellant Hall effect thrusters and diagnostic design.
  • First-class Master’s degree in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering.
  • Experienced in HET and Heated Cathode Testing.

Charlie Heaphy

  • Physics student at the University of Birmingham.
  • Interests include both nuclear physics and astrophysics.
  • Gaining experience in Electric Propulsion in Summer 2023.

Sophie Warner

  • Fine-artist turned coder, Sophie spearheads transformative marketing initiatives that propel businesses to thrive in the digital age.
  • Versatile skillset encompassing Branding, Website Design & Development, Lead Generation, SEO, PPC, Content Writing, Content Marketing, Social Media & Advertising.
  • Beyond her marketing prowess, Sophie’s fascination with space and quantum physics fuels her innate curiosity and ambition, symbolising her relentless pursuit of innovative strategies and cutting-edge ideas in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Bilge Kacmaz

  • PhD Candidate in Aerospace Engineering specializing in Optimal Design and Simulation of All Electric Aircraft, also teaching assistant in Aerospace Structures, Engineering Design and Optimization, Computational Engineering, and Simulation (Queen Mary University of London).
  • Master’s studies focused on Development of a Nonlinear Flight Dynamics and Simulation Model of General Aviation Aircraft.
  • Published author in esteemed aerospace journals and a presenter at conferences on an ongoing basis (AIAA).
  • Actively researching electric aviation, net zero, focusing on propulsion systems, real-time trajectory optimization, and hybrid/hydrogen-powered aircraft.

Sydney Menne

  • MSc Student in Space Systems Engineering, research interests focused in propulsion (University of Southampton).
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics with a focus in Astrophysics, Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (University of North Dakota).
  • Conducted research in nuclear physics, particle physics, astrophysics, and advanced manufacturing.
  • Worked on liquid engine propulsion advanced manufacturing and hall-effect thrusters with companies in the States.

Fizza Zaidi

  • BSc Psychology with an understanding of human motivation and decision-making, allowing me to tailor sales strategies to individual client needs.
  • MSc in Marketing with a proven ability to develop data-driven marketing campaigns that drive sales growth.
  • Captivated by the mysteries of space and the remarkable advancements in the space sector, I am dedicated to expanding my sales and marketing experiences within this industry.

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