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Funded Projects

Pulsar occasionally commissions small projects from academics, typically Ph.D and postdoctoral students. Projects tend to last for 1 month and typically no more than 3 months.

These projects are a fun way to apply your skills to a wide variety of interesting topics. They are intentionally focussed on the more blue-sky end of your research interests and place a high value on bold concepts backed up by methodical analysis.

Previously we have commissioned work including:

  • Electric propulsion concepts and the materials science challenges they raise.
  • Literature reviews of nuclear propulsion concepts.

What we’re looking for

If you’d like to suggest a project title then get in touch, we’re particularly keen to hear suggestions in these areas:

  • Numerical analysis of Hall effect Thruster plumes.
  • Direct drive fusion concepts, analysis and criticism.
  • Any work on the overlap of fusion research and electric propulsion concepts.

Projects might result in a written project, numerical work might be more suited to an iPython notebook, CAD drawings or even video

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